“Success is about delivering what the clients wants, when the client wants it and within budget – I believe in building close relationships with our clients and moving forward together”

Andy Torn, Managing Director

Civil Engineering

Here at ATC we are proud of working closely with our clients to deliver innovative civil engineering projects. Our expertise enables us to look at any obstacles and develop economic alternative solutions and suitable methodology. This has enabled us to offer our clients best value for money on difficult and unusual projects ranging from Fender Refurbishment to multi million pound swing bridge contracts.


1.No.26 Cargo Shed – ABP Hull

2.Substation 30

3.Refurbishment of Sheds 7 & 18 Hull

4.Shed 24c - New Bulk Store

5.River Hull Bridge

6.Tidal Barrier Ductwork

7.20,000 sq ft Lime Bulk Store

9.Ocean Lock Fender Repair

9.Refurbishment of Grain Silos

10.North Quay Reconstruction

11.Dock Levellers

Commercial Building

We believe in exceeding our customers expectations and listening closely to our clients vision. We deliver our projects within budget and on time thanks to our team of Project Managers. Our projects have covered a diverse range of Commercial Buildings from a 20,000 sq ft Bulk Store, Refurbishment of Amenity Block and New Office Buildings.


1.No.26 Cargo Shed – ABP Hull

2.Refurbishment of Sheds 7 & 18 Hull

3.Shed 24c - New Bulk Store

4.MESU Boat Maintenance & Finger Piers

5.Accolade Foods – Warehouse Refurbishment

6.20,000 sq ft Lime Bulk Store

7.3,500 sq ft Office Extension

8.Amenity Block Refurbishment and New Build

9.Control Building

10.Clinker Store Construction


We are now firmly placed at the forefront of alternative methodology on marine works, regularly offering our clients best value for money. We have completed a wide range of marine projects from Fendering, Revetment Repairs & Mooring Bollards to Jetty Repairs.


1.River Hull Bridge

2.MESU Boat Maintenance & Finger Piers

3.Fender Repairs – Lead in Jetty

4.North Quay Reconstruction

5.Bull Nose Repair

6.Ocean Lock Fender Repair

7.King George Dock – Inner Lock Gates


Andy Torn has many years as a market leader in Bridge Construction and at ATC we are rapidly maintaining this reputation. With the recently awarded Hull River Bridge, ATC are delighted to be working again with their client Qualter Hall on this prestigious structure.


1.River Hull Bridge

2.Bridge over the River Mole

3.Stainland Temporary Bridge