North Quay Reconstruction

Client ABP - Goole
Contractor ATC
Project North Quay Reconstruction
Location Goole
Value £33,000

This quay at Goole had been gradually collapsing over a number of years. Various diver surveys had been carried out but the client didn’t have the budget to rebuild the quay. The surveys indicated that the tops of the existing timber piles were rotting and allowing the pre-cast copings to move and fall into the dock.

ATC became involved in November 2006 and worked with the client to develop a shuttering system that would negate the need for expensive marine plant. After developing various schemes the client agreed to progress based on a reinforced insitu concrete capping that would replace the pre-cast copings.

The scheme involved carefully excavating behind the existing copings and removing them to expose the timber piles. Stainless Steel bars were driven into the timber piles to tie them to the new concrete coping. The new coping was poured with a hanging cantilevering shutter that was pulled tight to the timber piles. Unfortunately the timber piles have moved forward and were not straight. Due to the flexibility of the shuttering system ATC were able to produce a straight line at the top of the coping.

The project was completed 2 weeks early, on budget and to the clients complete satisfaction.

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North Quay Reconstruction

BEFORE - North Quay Reconstruction

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North Quay Reconstruction

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