Substation 30

Client Total Lindsey Oil Refinery
Contractor ATC
Project Substation 30
Location Immingham
Value £960k+

The Replacement of Substation 16 Project comprised the design and construction of a new substation at Total Lindsey Oil Refinery to be known as Substation 30, to house new 11kV Switchgear and associated equipment. The substation is blast resistant in accordance with Total Lindsey Oil Refinery Specifications. The project also included the necessary infrastructure including extensive exposure of existing cables, buried cable diversions, surfacing, fencing and drainage works.

The foundation comprises a reinforced concrete cabling basement with 1.2m high walls and shear keys. It also includes a 80m reinforced concrete cable trough trench, with removable cover slabs.. The superstructure for the new substation is built on top of the trough foundation walls and is a blast resistant steel frame with built up profiled steel cladding, a permanent steel shutter composite concrete floor with its associated building works.

It was necessary to excavate around a 33kV live mains and numerous incoming and outgoing live power supplies to the Refinery and surrounding villages, which required extensive management and supervision on site to ensure the work was completed safely.

In total the project ran for 11 months with various key milestone dates being met to ensure that the clients installation teams could progress the complicated change over sequence.

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Substation 30

Substation 30

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